Send Art files to:

File Types:   CorelDRAW! 12  {or lower}, Adobe Illustrator 10 & Freehand 8,

Some PDF, GIF, TIFF & BMP files will work.  or else...send us a fax.

Computer Art Work: is billed at the rate of $25.00 per. hr. 

10min. art work time is included in each set-up charge. ( most Logo's can be redrawn in less than 1 HOUR! )

Screen Charge: $20.00 per. color (apparel only)

Color Separations: are $10.00/ea.

Color Change: are $10.00/ea.

Repeat Orders: Over 4 Dozen will not pay set-up charge for same art work twice!  

Under 4 Dozen $10.00/per. screen re-set fee.

Samples  from the press